Sunday, July 27, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun...

This last week was awesome. I got to go to Florida with a girlfriend of mine. We have been friends since High School and the last time we had a girl trip was when my son was almost 1. It's been 7 years!! We went to Panama City Beach Florida and had a blast.
I am proud to say that I did not get burned because I kept my sunscreen on all week long. I have a nice tan, for me, but I did not burn. I'm very excite. usually I end up getting sunburned when I stay out in the sun. Okay, enough about my sunburn experiences.
It was raining when we got to the beach, but we still went out and found the perfect spot to soak up the rays when the sun did come out. It's late and I'm just getting home, but I wanted to let everyone know that I had made it home safe and sound and had a wonderful time. I'll write more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

This was an awesome trip and I loved every minute. Wish we were STILL there! ;o)

Dena said...
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