Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting to know you...

Okay, I have a question for all the bloggers out there. I do not have a clue how many people stumble across this blog, but I kind of wanted to know and what better way to do that then to ask a question. :)

If you had the chance to travel anywhere you wanted, time and cost were not an issue, where would you go?

My answer may sound kind of lame, but I want to go to all of the major league baseball fields in America. That is one of my biggest dreams. I only picked one, but there are so many other places I would love to go.

So bloggers.....if you are out there....let me hear from you. Tell me where your from and where you want to go. Have a wonderful day.

1 comment:

Vulture 6 said...

Sail around the carabbiean.