Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's all good...

Houston Astros update: they were on a 6 game winning streak but they lost today. Oh well, at least they are playing better. They did sweep the Padres, which was nice since they lost so badly when we played in San Diego.

My other Astros team: with a little less then 3 weeks to go in the season Mr. J finally hit the ball. He was thrown out at first, but he finally made contact, not once, but twice!!! He was so excited. I missed the first hit, but I was there for the second...sitting there with my hands to my face...praying that he would hit the ball...holding my breath everytime the ball was pitched. When I heard the "clunk" of the bat I was in such shock, but was so excited. He was so proud of himself. We got into the car and he had to call everyone in the family that couldn't make the game. He says he does not ever want to play baseball again so this may be the last season. :( Who knows, he is only 7 righ?

I think that's about more important thing... My little sister....She graduates next month with her Pysicians Assistance License. I am so proud of her. She is an amazing woman and I am truly honored to be her sister. netter....if you read this, while preparing for graduation, the move, the new jobs, the......know that I love you very much.

That's it bloggers..Classes are going well. Family is good. Hope everyone out there is doing wonderful. Have an amazing day, night, weekend, whatever....just let it be amazing.

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