Saturday, April 5, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

It's baseball season...YEAH!!! My favorite season of the year. Now most people don't think of baseball as a favorite season, but this girl here...waits for it every year. I know, I'm nuts, but the Astros are the team. They have their ups and their downs, but I will stand behind them 110% just because I can.

Oswalt had a pretty rough start against the Padres, but I have a feeling he will do much better today. The batters seem to be coming into their own so just give them a little bit more time and I think I can see the them heading towards the ultimate goal...the play offs. They just have to keep everyone healthy and strong, but I have faith that they can.

Now one of my biggest dreams is to watch the Astros play at Wrigley Field. A few years ago they were playing there on my birthday...we tried to get there, but it would have cost way too much so...we are saving up so that one day we can go. I would love for Mr. J to be able to go also and see the stadium before they decide that it's not worth keeping and tear it down. :( that would be sad.

So until baseball season is over you might be able to here this wild and crazy Astros fan cheering from her house or her car. For all the other people out there, who don't know who a good baseball team is, you might want to consider the Astros, if you don't already have a favorite. They might just suprise you. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend.

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