Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's not about winning, but having fun

Another game well played by the Bobcats basket ball team. More passing, more team work, more rebounds, but for some reason their feet kept getting in the way of the ball. We lost 14-24, but we did better then we did last week. The boys really did play harder. There are 4 really tall boys, for being in the 2nd grade, on the team. C, W, J, A are the initials. (I have to protect my child and theirs.) C and J proved to be the best two players last week. The worked really well together and did most of the ball handling. This week the coaches split C
and J up and matched up A and J, to play together, and C and W to play together. I think it helped. All four of these boys scored today. J, my child, :) scored 6 points, C scored 4, and A and W scored 2 each. I was, once again, a very proud mom.

I have only one complaint. The man sitting next to me kept yelling that our players were not playing fair and that the refs were picking sides. He was bad mouthing our team, and my child specifically. He was yelling and just not being nice. I wanted to look at him as say "your winning, are you going to make this game bad for the rest of us?" I was good and did not say a word, which was very hard for me. The ref took care of it for me. He told the man that these boys were in the 1st and 2nd grade. This was only their second game. If he called everything they did wrong there would be no playing time. Thank you ref!!! After that the man was quiet and his team went on to victory. I kind of wish they had lost, but then again, it's not all about winning.

I will keep you posted on how his games go this season. It looks promising with the amount of improvement we saw today.

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