Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Okay, this morning I broke my first resolution. My goal was to make sure that I was up in time to get my make-up on before leaving the house. I did not even make it two weeks. Oh well. At least I have not broken any of the others: No dieting, no exercise, no Dr. Peppers. When you put them that way you are sure to not break them. :)
I mentioned in my first post that we were selling our house. I should not have gotten so excited about having 2 offers. I mean, I should, but it has been very stressfull. We, still, do not have a contract on the house, but we did counter offer one of the offers that we received. We have not heard back from that couple in 2 days. We do not know what to think. Our agent sent another email and said if we did not hear back by noon today we would take the other offer. I will keep you posted.
It is amazing to me that I can think of a million things to say, yet when I log in to create a blog....I get writters block. Since that is the case I am ending this post and maybe, if my writters block goes away, I will post again today. :)

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